FAQs - What to Expect.

At Bathroom Centre we are always striving to improve our customer experience. We want you to know what's going to happen, what to expect and more than that we want to exceed your expectations.

Before you have your bathroom installed you will probably have lots of questions. With that in mind, we have tried to answer some of our most commonly asked questions below.

Essentially, at Bathroom Centre we like everything to be as transparent as possible for our customers.

After we have completed the home survey, we will email your quotation over. We generally aim to get this back to you within 24 hours, even though we are usually very busy.

If you wish to progress with your quote, the next stage is to book a showroom appointment. This is a 90-minute slot in the showroom to select the products for your new bathroom.

We have found that the price variance is minimal, usually less than 10% of the original quote. You can select any tile, any shower * or bath and any tap without additional cost. So, you can come in for your showroom appointment with great confidence that the price we have previously quoted, will not vary a great deal from the final total.

* This excludes digital showers.

Our fitters are not employed by us, however, the fitters we use are tried and trusted teams that we use week in week out and have done so for many years, as you can see from our positive reviews.

All you need to do prior to install is remove your personal effects from the bathroom.

Yes, our fitters will dispose of your old bathroom and any waste that is generated from packaging.

Generally speaking, our installations are from Monday to Friday. Some larger or complicated jobs may run on slightly. The fitter will arrive on Monday morning between 8 - 9am. We call you the week before your install to let you know the name of your fitter and to give you their contact details.

The first day involves ripping out your existing bathroom and getting the pipes in place for your new bathroom. Day two generally involves repairing or sheeting your walls and floor in preparation for tiling. Days three and four generally involves the tiling, grouting, etc. Day five sees the installation completed and the bathroom all sealed and tidied up.

We leave you with a usable toilet every night. The only exception to this is where you have chosen a wall hung WC.

Grout and silicone take 24 hours to set.  After this you can use your bathroom.

You will have been given your fitters mobile contact number prior to work beginning.  You can contact them in case or emergency, call our showroom on 01383 630 520 or message our Facebook page.

Contact the showroom right away on 01383 630 520. This will be logged and your fitter will be in touch to arrange a time to rectify the issue. In the unlikely event of a serious leak, this will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

Each product comes with its own manufacturer's guarantee (the length of which varies but is an absolute minimum of 1 year). We also offer a 12-month guarantee on the fitting. We will send your guarantee to you shortly after your installation.

Our payment terms are straightforward. There are two stages:

  1. At the point of order, we look for the material element of your bathroom to be paid directly to us at Bathroom Centre. We are fully VAT registered and can take payments via cash, bank transfer or pretty much any credit or debit card.
  2. On the day your bathroom is completed you pay the fitting price directly to the contractor and payment is either cash or bank transfer. The contractors do not have the facility to accept card payments.

We work with different contractors and the vast majority are not VAT registered which is why we can pass this saving directly on to you the customer. A business only needs to be VAT registered when it hits a certain turnover and most contractors fall below this threshold.

To summarise, our two-stage payment system; the first payment is for the materials and is made to Bathroom Centre at the time of order, the second and final payment is directly to the contractor on the day of completion.

We hope this FAQ has been helpful. If you still have a question we haven't answered, please just drop us a message and we'll get back to you asap

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